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Every area of Madrid (“barrio”) has its own central wet market which is very often located in a two-floor building. 

Good things to know: Never touch the merchandise. The stallkeeper will show you anything you want to see but they will not let you choose yourself.

Remember that people don’t form queues in front of stalls. When arriving, you must ask: “who is the last one please?” and stick behind him/her. Don’t forget to answer when the next customer comes along and asks the same question!


Markets in the West District

Every Saturday mornings on the Plaza de las Americas in Pozuelo (you can park in the Bullring).

Labrandero e Hijos     
For anyone who lives in the area, this store is the best place to buy produce for both quality and price. They’re open during lunch.
Tel.: 916 34 57 60
Avda. de España 12 – Majadahonda

Majadahonda Mercadillo, Open-Air Market
Every Tuesday (9:30-14:00h) and Saturday (9:30-15:00h), you’ll find fresh produce, clothing and items for your home at this popular “gypsy” market.
Located in the Plaza Erillas near calle San Andres and the pedestrian street, calle Gran Vía.

Mercadillo Colmenar Viejo
General market every Monday and Thursday morning.
Pza. Eulogio Carrasco 

Markets in Alcobendas District

In this area, we recommend the following two markets:

Galeria Alimentaria Alcobendas 
Particularly good stands are :
El Segoviano Carlos, the pork butcher at stand 9, who sells delicious Iberico hams and Manchego cheese. Ismael, the poultry vendor, at stand 28. Pablo, stand 37, sells salted cod, bacalao and pulses. Variantes del Rosal, stand 50, sells olives, anchovies and good bottled preserves. José Manuel, the cobbler at stand 44.  Quality work and competitive prices.
C/ Constitución 43-45 - (public car park nearby) - Alcobendas

Mercado Alcobendas La Chopera
José Martínez, The butcher on stand 32, is especially good.
Pº de la Chopera 3  - Alcobendas

There is also an open-air market selling fruit and vegetables, textiles and items for the home every Monday morning at “Parque de Andalucia”, (around C/ Dolores Ibarruri and Avda de Miguel de Cervantes)


In the Center of Madrid

Gold Gourmet
Founded by the director of the Club del Gourmet at Corte Ingles, Gold gourmet sells a selection of premium food products. Here you will find excellent fruits and vegetables, the best of Spanish cold meats, excellent fish and a whole host of other delicious and mouthwatering options to tempt your palate.
Tel.: 914 02 03 63
C/ Ortega y Gasset 85-87 - Mº Lista

Mercado de La Paz
In the heart of Salamanca, it has an entrance on Calle de Ayalá and another one on Calle Claudio Coello. The fruit and vegetable stalls are exceptional and you’ll find in this market one of the best cheese and delicatessen store in Madrid : La Boulette: all the best French and Spanish cheeses  together with excellent hams and fresh goose livers. They also have a good bakery section. Not to be missed!
Tel.: 914 35 07 43
C/ Ayala 28 - Mº Serrano

Mercado de Chamartín
One of the best markets in Madrid. Many of the stalls are famous all over the city.
C/ Potosí 11 - Mº Concha Espina 

- Ernesto Prieto (49-55 Planta Alta)
A top-quality and very famous fish shop. Many Japanese buy their fish for sushi.
Tel.: 91 457 13 97 / 914 57 85 38

- Angel Gómez (7-9 Planta Baja)
Excellent poulterer: the best fresh goose livers in Madrid.
Tel.: 91
57 23 97

- Carnes Cesaro Gómez (45-47 Planta Alta)
Excellent meat: you must try their “secreto de cerdo” and their “chuletones de buey”.
57 54 28

- Frutas Charito (4-8 Planta Baja) (facing Ángel Gómez)
Wide selection of top of the range fruit, and vegetables from all over the world.
Tel.: 914 57 16 25 / 913 44 03 83

- P. Postigo (56-60 Planta Baja)
Excellent Spanish delicatessen. We strongly recommend their ham.
Tel.: 91
4 57 15 24

Mercado Maravillas
One of the oldest and most representative markets of Madrid.
Tel.: 915 33 40 30
C/ Bravo Murillo 122 - Mº Cuatro Caminos

Mercado de las Ventas
This market is very popular and prices are rather cheap. It is an excellent address for large families. We recommend the excellent meat of Carnicería San Cayo (Local 259 - Tel.: 914 04 01 23). On the third floor of the market, you’ll find a wide selection of “natural” products.
Tel.: 914 03 93 24
C/ Virgen de la Alegría 10 - Mº Ventas or Carmen

La Mejor Naranja

Natural and juicy oranges delivered directly from Valencia. They also sell delicious lemons and mandarins.