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Miss Chou opened a few weeks ago in a charming little shop in Salamanca, steps away from the French embassy. In this neat and luminous little place, Laurence uses top quality ingredients to make her own selection of petits choux (small pastry puffs) on the spot and with her own little touch that makes the whole difference. Melty inside and crispy on the outside, the petits choux come in a large variety of flavors: chocolate, mont-blanc, caramel, passion fruit, Paris-Brest, tatin, vanilla... impossible to resist.
A new box of 30 'choux' is now available !

Laurence often comes up with new flavors that you may taste by visiting her shop or by following her facebook page.
Beautiful, colorful and delicious, these petits choux will embellish your buffet tables. To be enjoyed without holding back!


Crusto, home-baked bread like nowhere else!


Here you will find a large variety of home-baked breads, exquisite pastries and a few tables to eat on the spot. If you’re an amateur of traditionally made bread, head towards Crusto, although be aware that prices are rather high.
Barcelona has had its Crusto for a few years already, but it just opened recently in Madrid, Chamberi district, to our delight!


Afri’s Cookies, traditionally made cookies.

You love cookies but you can’t bother making them yourself ?
Well rush to this recently opened small shop that offers an impressive variety of traditionally baked cookies straight from the oven. Impossible not to find your favorite : orange and chocolate, lemon, yogurt and blueberries, smarties, nutella, milk chocolate and walnuts, cinnamon, etc. If you find it to hard to chose, go for one of their tasting boxes with several flavors. And delivery to your door is possible for just 5 euros if you live in inner Madrid, just place the your order on their website.


The best addresses for this year's Roscón de Reyes
Roscón de Reyes is a big tradition in Madrid. Legend has it that Louis XIV had ordered his Spanish pastry cook to invent a new special desert. The cook came up with a brioche in which he hid a bean and a coin. The one guest who would find the coin would become rich over the year to come, whereas the one who would find the bean would have to face a year of misery.
So convinced about the roscón tradition? Well, if not, there are a few good places across Madrid for the good old marzipan pastry, all butter and usually in three different sizes.
El Horno de San Onofre - Calle San Onofre 3 - Some say this is the best roscón de Navidad in town.Why not try it and see by yourself? It is in any case an emblematic address for Christmas delicacies. Madrilenos are ready to patiently stand in line there for their roscón! You will find them plain or chocolate stuffed, with raisins and Malaga wine, with almonds or raspberries. This is also one of the few places to keep tradition alive by placing a bean and a little figurine (instead of a coin) in it. if you've never been to El Horno, you cannot pretend you know Madrid!

Oriol Balaguer - José Ortega y Gasset 44 - The perfect occasion to get to know Oriol Balaguer, the master pastry cook awarded with the price for best dessert in the world not so long ago. Traditional roscones are displayed together with refined and creative other delicacies. Really worth a try!

Casa Mira - Carrera de San Jerónimo 30 - Founded in 1855, this pastry shop is especially famous for its turrones (from Alicante, Jijona, chocolate, fruit.. try any, there all delicious!) And they make an excellent roscon as well. 

Embassy - Paseo de la Castellana 12 -
Since it was founded by a Brit in 1931, Embassy has sold its gourmet pastries to the highest of Madrid's society. Their roscón, filled with cream or with chocolate, is still a reference today. 

La Duquesita - Calle Fernando VI 2 -
One of the oldest pastry shops in town where you will find delicious roscones. 


Hey you chocoholics!

We found your place (ok I meant our place..): chocolate in all shapes you can possibly imagine, cheese, sausage, football shoe, you name it! The idea comes from Fantasías de Chocolate, both a boutique and online shop. And you can even rent a chocolate fountain! Perfect for a birthday, cocktail, or dinner party.

Mistura Ice Cream

This ice cream shop is one of the most recent dessert stores to open in the Chueca barrio. They offer tasty sweets all day long. From 10:00am to 10:00pm you can enjoy your coffee with free wifi or make your own ice cream or smoothie combination to satisfy whatever craving on the go. They also have other pastries, including delicious carrot cake and pretty cupcakes.

Yoy, Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is quickly growing in popularity in Madrid. But this place is pleasantly unique with it's colorful furniture and other treats, like homemade cakes. Their frozen yogurt is organic, low in calories and comes in four different flavors.  You can choose to add some of their 40 available additions, including a 'healthy' amount of toppings such as fruits, nuts, chocolate or oreos. They also serve coffee, smoothies, juices and parfaits.

Wicked Sweet!

This little shop just opened in the last few months, but is making a name for itself quickly! With freshly baked bread, cookies, croissants, cheesecake and more everyday, you're sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The owner Jen is just as sweet, and the shop has been an 8 year dream of hers and her husband since they started dating. A sweet story to accompany your treat! The store can make a unique cake to fit your personal tastes. But don't miss her handmade cheesecakes- the carrotcake-cheesecake is a unique and super-satisfying combination.  

Lisa & Leti Homemade Cookies

It is impossible to resist the smell of chocolate that envelopes this little culinary corner : fresh out of the oven, the cookies which are still hot melt in your mouth, freeing the chocolate chips and the moist dough.... You will find them in a mini shop a stones throw from the Puerta del Sol.
If you are undecided there are all sorts of flavours : dulce de leche, smarties, coffee-chocolate, rapsberry-white chocolate… and of course the cookie of the month, rasberry-chocolate. Cookie fans can even order on the internet.

Cacao Sampaka

The shop design and the chocolates recipes have a unique “Ferran Adría” (most famous Spanish chef) touch. You’ll be surprised tasting chocolate with exotic spices, vinegar or another strange tastes. They also have a small restaurant with fresh salads and sandwiches. A good place to have lunch or breakfast with a friend.

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