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Invest in your health and that of your children: eat organic at Biotiful Natura


Biotiful Natura showcases a variety of certified organic products: organic fruits and vegetables of the season, red meat, chicken and fish, bread and cereals, fruit juices, baby food and baby products, gluten free products… The shop is quite complete and features occasional offers on certain products. If you are unable to make it to the shop, you can also order online on their website
Either way, Biotiful Natura has a home delivery system.
This offer is completed by macrobiotic cooking classes and the possibility to attend an information session about macrobiotic diets.


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SaboreaTé y Café, The Flavour Shop

This is a great cafe to spend the morning or afternoon with free and plenty of seating. They offer dozens of teas and coffees to choose from, from regular black tea to fruit infusions to chocolate flavours. The wall of this cafe is covered in different varieties of tea, including descriptions and benefits to your health. The staff is very educated on all the types of teas and the proper preparation- if you enjoy your drink inside, they serve your mug with a cover to keep it warm. They also sell many coffee and tea items that would make the perfect gift for any tea lover. Different locations offer different selections of sandwiches, pastries, smoothies or other treats.

Espacio Organico

This is the biggest “natural” supermarket in Northern Madrid/Alcobendas. It offers more than 5,000 organic and natural products including fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, etc. You’ll also find herbal products and a cosmetics section. There’s a café with all-natural, take-away food, including many vegetarian and vegan food options.



2 natural supermarkets that offer organic and natural products.


Online Organic Food
If you want wholesome food, without pesticides, fertilisers and additives, but with taste you need to go organic. Enterbio is an online site where you can do all your shopping. You can order all your fresh produce but also health care and hygiene products for your children.
If your order is over 100 euros delivery is free.
This site is recommended by an American who makes an order every week and is delighted with their products. You do not have to make a weekly order and you can vary what products you order.
Terra Madre only works with fresh products that have been cultivated in accordance with the method of ecological agriculture production established by the European rules.You can order on line or at their shop. Their web site is very good.
The same principle as the previous website but you have to collect the merchandise from one of their named grocers.