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The large department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets and shopping malls are open from Mon. to Sat. from 9 am. or 10 am. to 9.30 pm. or 10.30 pm. Most of them also open  the first Sunday of every month.

Please note that most individual/small shops close for lunch at 1.30 pm. or 2 pm., re-opening only at 4 pm. and sometimes 5 pm. Furthermore, on Saturday afternoons, they are often closed. We advise you to call the shop

in advance to check opening times.

Wet markets follow the same rules: they open in the morning and evening but remain closed for the “siesta”.


An original gift idea for the gourmet types


At Mana y Mana, the little gourmet shop in the Arturo Soria area, you will find all kinds of chocolate made shapes: high-heel shoes, sausage, bread, cheese. So well made your kids will be delighted.
And for home-made jam lovers, try the 100% artisanal jams from Sevilla made of figs, cinnamon and lemons, amaretto and pears, oranges etc.