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In Vitta

This is a new concept in natural beauty products based on vitamins, trace elements, minerals and plants. The team can create your skin care products to exactly match your skins requirements. The interior of the store is bright, colourful and everything is made from recyclable materials.


Korres Store

Korres sells natural cosmetics from the Mediterranean whose remedies originally come from the first homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. The natural beauty products have remedies such as herbal protection for the skin and hair, sunscreen, a broad range of makeup and preparations such as syrup of honey and anise for the throat, teas with lavender, hibiscus and chamomile.


Le Secret du Marais

We love this sophisticated boutique with an excellent selection of organic and anti-aging creams such as Dr. Sebagh, Revive, Euoko Patyk, Ren and Dr. Haushcka. You will also find a variety of different perfumes such as Penhaligon’s, Juliette has a gun, Eau d’Italie and many more. The face and body products used in their treatments have been imported from the 4 corners of the globe.