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Fine arts - Drawing

One of the most comprehensive shops in town. It carries everything imaginable for arts and crafts projects: oils, acrylics, brushes, clay, plaster moulds, wooden boxes,   picture frames and so on. If you still need more, do not hesitate to explore the area: there are several other stores around that carry art supplies. 

Plaza del Angel 15 - Metro Sol 
Calle Hernani 26 - Metro Cuatro Caminos 
Tel.: 91 642 03 36 


You’ll find everything you may need for your artistic activities.

Calle Santa Engracia 158 - Mº Cuatro Caminos
Tel.: 915 53 17 86 


Art supplies including a very large choice of plaster and wooden moulds and frames.  The little shop on the left of Topaz is also quite well stocked with paints and somewhat cheaper than Topaz.

Calle Principe de Vergara 282 - Mº Colombia
Tel.: 91 359 94 15 


La Ciudad del Plata 
A real Aladdin’s cave where you’ll find an incredible choice of pearls, beads, ribbons and other beautiful and decorative items.

Calle Gerona 2 - Metro Sol
Tel.: 91 366 44 61 


Unica Shop 
An online shop to buy pearls, ribbons, buttons. Creative people will find lots of treasures to create unique pieces. Others can find ready-to-use costume jewellery.


De Papel 
This shop has everything from delicate handmade paper and cards to a wide range of pens and pencils, photo albums so gorgeous you want to buy them all, beautiful notebooks, as well as boxes, ribbons, labels... Need we say more?

Calle Justiniano 7 - Metro Alonso Martínez 
Tel.: 91 308 01 52 

One of the best stationers in town specialised in paper of all colours and sizes.

Plaza San Ildefonso 4 - Metro Tribunal    
Tel.: 91 522 41 01 

La Dominotería  
This store offers a selective/exotic range of beautiful paper. Some are very rare and some others hand-made.

Calle Agustin Querol 5 - Metro Menedez Pelayo
Tel.: 91 366 17 67