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Nš3, the kind of jewellery we like !

And the price will allow you to spend without feeling guilty ! If you know the brand Uno de 50 and like the style, you have to check out this little shop on calle Campoamor, in Chueca.
The designer is one of the founders of Uno de 50, so you will find many similarities between the two. Bracelets and rings are made of leather and plated silver, and there also are a few models of necklaces. Shapes are original, trendy and elegant.



We love this small shop selling a little bit of everything: scarves, imported shawls, hats, handbags, costume jewellery, etc. All the items are arranged by colour which makes it quite convenient when you are looking for accessories to match an outfit.



Uno de 50

Fashionable, original silver jewellery including accessories such as beautiful belts. It’s completely impossible to enter this store without buying something. Prices are reasonable: run!



Beautiful scarves and shawls, original and colorful costume jewellery and many other small accessories: It’s hard to resist!