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About us :

The first Madrid Notebook was published in French in September 2001 as a result of our own experience of arriving in Spain, and not having the practical information we would have liked to make settling in easier. Over time it has grown significantly, thanks in part to the tips and suggestions of our first readers.

Not content with just one volume, we then published Barcelona Notebooks in German and French, in addition to updated French versions and an English version of the Barcelona Notebook.

The Notebook Madrid provides useful information, as well as ideas to enjoy Madrid's life, a selection of the best cultural events (shows, entertainment, exhibitions, concerts...), the best and most up-to-date shops for fashion and furnishings, and restaurant discoveries...  At a loss over who to call when planning a child’s birthday party? How to sort through the red-tape of hiring domestic help? Or where to find the number of the official supplier of your household appliance?...

Our aim has always been the same. Provide a  reliable resource for non-Spanish families coming to live in Spain, and each one of our projects has this objective in mind.  We are constantly looking out for new, practical information to share with you and always welcome readers’ comments and ideas.

After 10 years of the print edition, we have decided to integrate this wealth of information and local places in our website This will give our readers free and quick access to all the information we provide.

The list of places you’ll find on The Notebook Madrid is not infinite. Each of them has been selected after being recommended by friends or checked directly. We hope your experience will be as good as ours and that they will help you enjoy this beautiful city.

If you would like to share your experiences, knowledge or a new location, please send us an email expressing your interest to

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