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Moving to Madrid
Getting Around

Metro Madrid
The quickest, easiest and most reliablemeans of transport is the Madrid metro. 
There are 12 lines open from 6am to 1:30. The price for a one-way trip in Metro Zone A is between 1,50-2,00€.

There is no pass for the students, but there is a reduced price on 30-day passes for anyone under 23 years of age (Abono Joven) . The 30-day pass costs 35€, instead of 47,90€ for the normal price. This is a great deal if you plan to do a lot of travelling since a pass to the airport is 5€ one-way. The pass has your personal picture, taken at the day of registration, and can be reloaded at machines in any metro station.
You can apply for the young persons pass by completing this request for an appointment online:
Bring a your passport or DNI/NIF card, a copy, your local address in Spain and cash for payment (about 5€) to the Regional Transport Consortium (Plaza Descubridor Diego de Ordás, 3) or to one of offices at the following metro stations:
Nuevos Ministerios
Avenida de América
Plaza de Castilla
Ciudad Universitaria
Príncipe Pío

If you live near your university, it is not always necessary to have a pass. There is a 10 trip ticket "10 viajes Metrobus" for 12,20 euros. But you have to pay a supplementary fee each time you go to/from the airport.
Much like the monthly subscription, this ticket allows you to travel in zone A (Madrid) and take both the subway (MetroMadrid ) and bus (EMT). 
Three tram lines (Metro Ligero) will get you in the suburbs close to Madrid. Then you need a specific ticket, but the price is the same as for the metro. 

After-Hours Transportation 
You will live on Spanish time, dinner is at 22h, pre-drinks around midnight, and the clubs don't get busy until 2am... so it can be hard to catch the last train to go home . Not to worry. A night bus, the Metro Buho is at your disposal. It runs between 6am 1:30 ET, Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays. It takes 15-20 minutes between each bus. The 12 lines of Buho Metro (L1 to L12) replace the same subway lines. Thus, L1 Buho Metro stations that serves the same metro line 1. You can take the Metro Buho with your metro pass or a single metro ticket. 

Tired of having danced all night? 
Too lazy to wait 15 minutes? Take a taxi. White with a red stripe, they are numerous, easily identifiable and have signs in the window saying if they already have passengers or not. 
Be aware that the taxi in Madrid is not cheap, but a reasonable price when split between multiple people. 
For more information on fare prices at different times or supplements, check out Madrid's website: 

Madrid is not a friendly city for cyclists. 
You probably come across very few bikes during your stay, but there are a few places that rent them. They are especially good to have in the larger parks, like Casa de Campo or to venture outside the city.  

Urban Movil

This rental company offer bikes as well as electric bikes, segways, electric cars and more.
Price for Folding, Mountain or City Bikes for 1 day: 20 € includes helmet, lock, lights and reflective vest

Bravo Bike

Offers many city tours, 8 day trips, 7 day trips, international trips or custom tours with a guide and nice accomodations pre-arranged.
Price for City Bike for 1 day: 20 or 21 euros includes gear, comfortable citybike, helmet, bottle, pump, gel seat, spare tube and lock

Bike Spain

Offers bike rentals, city tours, or tours outside the city for wine tasting or the Camino de Santiago.
Cost for a city bike for 1 day: 17 euros