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UK TV Madrid
Tel.: 615 50 96 43

British expats can feel at home by installing Sky satellite TV with all the main British channels.
He supplies, installs and repairs all kinds of satellite equipment.  Whatever your country of origin is, call him and ask for a quote according to your specific requirements.  He is very reliable! He offers Kanaal Digital Holand, Sky Italia, Nova Greece, Zon Portugal, Canal+ France, Tdt France, Fransat... Also available now, Internet TV.

Among the English-language stations available on Astra are Sky One, Sky Sports, Channel 5, Eurosport, UK Gold, Movimax, Sky Premier, Sky Cinema and many more in Dutch, German, Swedish and other languages. The signal from many stations is scrambled (the decoder is usually built into the receiver) and viewers must pay a monthly subscription fee to receive programmes.
British expats can feel at home by installing Sky satellite TV with all the main British channels plus CNN, Sky News and BBC News24.  A number of companies offer satellite
TV installation services.  Depending on which package you choose, you pay a one-off installation charge plus, for Sky TV, a monthly subscription. 

Many of the following providers offer packages for phones, cable, and internet.  Decide what you need and many providers have stores across the city to assist you directly.   

Tel.: 900 20 20 02
• Directory enquiries (Madrid and the rest of Spain) tel.: 11822
• Technical/commercial assistance tel.: 1004
• International directory enquiries tel.: 11825
• International calls: to make a call abroad, dial 00, then dial the country code and telephone number. The code for the UK is 44, Ireland 353, USA and Canada 1, Australia 61, South Africa 27, France 33, Italia 39, Belgium 32...etc.
• Answering service: Telefonica provides a free answering service for their customers.  To activate, pick up the receiver and dial #10#, then hang up. Pick up the receiver again, wait 5 seconds and listen to the instruction. You can change the language to English, record your own greeting and even get your messages when you’re out of town. To turn off this service, dial #10#.

Private telecom operators
Besides Movistar, several private telecom operators are fighting for increased market share. Among the most important, you’ll find Tele 2, Orange, Jazztel and Ono. As a result of this competition, promotional offers change every day and general communication costs have been falling. Most operators offer a monthly subscription translating into a certain number of hours of calls: the “bonos”.

Tel.: 900 901 300
Client Services – Tel.: 470

Tel.: 800 40 05 20

Tel.: 640 00 15 65
Client Services - Tel.: 1565


Promotional offers

The competition between operators means new promotional offers almost every day. Make your own market survey before choosing your operator. First, we advise you to analyse your needs (local calls, interprovincial calls, calls to other mobile phones...). Then call the different operators and get straight to the point with them on your needs (this will save you hours of sales talk).

Tel.: 1004

Tel.: 1414

Tel.: 1443 / 607 10 01 22

Where to get a mobile phone?
To buy a mobile phone, just stop in one of the several specialist shops you see in town or go to any hypermarket (including, of course, the Corte Ingles).
Where to add 'saldo' or credit to your mobile?
If you don't have a pre-paid plan or an online account, then you can add credit to your cell phone by visiting your local provider's store or try your local grocery store. 


Most of the existing operators offer a broadband connection to which you can add WiFi.  Once again, competition is hot and special offers change all the time.

Tel.: 1002 / 900 11 10 02

Tel.: 900 901 300

Tel.: 1565 / 900 80 81 00

Tel.: 902 02 07 77
Tel.: 900 90 13 00