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Public Services

Canal de Isabel II
Tel.: 91 545 12 34

They offer 2 kinds of contracts:
If you live in a detached house:
You will have a direct contract with Canal Isabel II. To write up a new contract, you only need to give them the following information:
• The number of the previous contract corresponding to your house;
• Your water meter number and its brand name;
• Your personal data (name, surnames, address, tel, etc.) and your passport number
• Your bank details (account number, bank, agency);
Every 2 months, an agent will come to read the water meter (most of them are located just outside the house so the agent will not ring at your door).

If you live in a flat with a collective water meter :
In this case, we recommend that you contact the managing agent (Presidente de la Comunidad) of your building and ask him how things are organised.

Many of the electricity and gas companies have merged in recent years and supply both electricity and gas. Some of the main companies are listed below but there are others to choose from. An agent will come to read the meter every 2 months.

Tel.: 902 20 15 20 (Available 24/7)
Technical Assitance - Tel.: 902 22 45 22 (Available 24/7)

Gas Natural – Fenosa
Tel.: 902 20 06 05 (Mon-Sat. 8-22:00)
Technical Assitance – Tel.: 902 35 00 53

Tel.: 800 76 09 09
TUR - Tel.: 800 76 03 33

Check with your landlord that the previous tenant has not left any debts.
Generally, the contract will be under the name of the landlord and you’ll just have to give him your banking data. He will transfer the data so you will be charged directly.
If you want to transfer the previous contract to your name, make an appointment at their nearest branch office. You will have to take the following documents:
• A copy of your passport;
• A copy of your rental contract;
• Your bank details;
• A meter reading.

Repsol Directo                                                                                          
Tel.: 901 21 20 21 - 902 32 31 10

ASP Distribuciones
Tel.: 916 32 01 01

General information
Tel.: 902 19 71 97

Every postal district has its own post office. Ask your neighbour or postman to tell you where the nearest one is. Most of them open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am. to 2 pm. (except some of those located in shopping malls which remain open all day).You can also buy stamps in tobacco shops.

Private courrier companies 

Tel.: 902 10 10 10

Tel.: 902 88 88 20  

Tel.: 902 12 24 24

Fed Ex
Tel.: 900 10 08 71

Tel.: 902 30 04 00