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Moving to Madrid
Electricians -Plumbers-Handyman

Mi Casa My World
Tel.: 615 509 643
Speaks English
Belgian professional based in Madrid for 6 years now. He can do anything in your house to fit it to your tastes from putting up paintings or installing lights or curtains to carrying out repairs or installing your satellite dish. Specialized within the expatriate community, he speaks several languages including English, French, Dutch and Spanish. Professional and reliable, qualities hard to find in Madrid!

Roque San Taren SL

Tel.: 645 531 773
This Argentinian engineer can  carry out all sorts of work, from the most simple to a complete redecoration of your house.

Tele Urge
Tel.: 91 309 57 51
This service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all kind of problems. Only in case of emergency as rates are really high.


Dressmaking and Alterations

The haberdashers shops situated in most of the shopping malls offer an alteration service. 

La Japonesa  
A chain of shops specialising in bra padding. They have all shapes and sizes.
Calle Claudio Coello 15 - Mº Serrano - tel.: 91 431 03 00 
Calle Ortega y Gasset 44 - Metro Nuñez de Balboa . Tel.: 91 309 27 98
Calle de Castelló 9 - Metro Velázquez - Tel.: 91  31 28 75
Calle Serrano 61 - Metro Nuñez de Balboa - Tel.: 91 578 02 74 

Patricia can make all kinds of new clothes and works very well. She knows what fabric will fit with a pattern and can either copy a pattern or create a new one. Prices are reasonable but ask for a quote.
Tel.: 607 409 578

Carlos Garcia García Solís
Skirts, trousers and shirts made to measure for both men and women. 
Calle General Oraá 25 - Metro Avda. de America
Tel.: 91 563 45 58 






Carpintero Curro
Tel.: 677 081 244

Carpintero Tomas
Tel.: 669 818 031

Both carpenters have been highly recommended.


José Acedo Garcia
Tel.: 91 416 21 91 
He restores wooden furniture and objects. Highly recommended by Marie from vintage furniture shop Va de Retro.


You will have no problems if you choose any of the K.A. stores (see the “fabric” section). However, you can also ask for a quote from one of the following addresses:

Fernando Hellin
Tel.: 91 311 04 52 - 649 626 749 
He is a good professional and very reliable.

Javier Cordoba
Tel.: 628 043 115 – 91 415 83 85
The cost is reasonable and the work well done.

Juan Carlos
Tel.: 91 561 01 14

Calle Juan Bautista de Toledo 8 - Metro Prosperidad
A reliable upholsterer who works for many expat families.


Garden Maintenance


When spring comes, you’ll notice big piles of earth in all the main residential areas of Madrid. This is what Spanish gardeners call “mantillo”. It is a sort of natural fertilizer (with a bad smell) that is usually used to cover the lawn and get beautiful grass. You can find 10 kg bags of “mantillo” in all the garden centres but the best and most economical option is to order it from specialised suppliers that will deliver it to the front of your house. You’ll need a wheelbarrow to transport it from the street into your garden. 

Mantillo Ayra
Tel.: 91 845 51 62

They will charge you about € 30 per cubic metre which allows you to cover a lawn area of around 100 square metres. But this rate only applies if you order several cubic metres. For one cubic metre only, they will charge € 50. 

Mantillo Bernal Gonzales
Tel.: 91 815 99 04

Around € 30 per cubic metre from 10 cubic metres.


If you have a swimming pool, it will probably need a complete clean after the winter. We recommend that you call the specialised stores well in advance (in February or March) to make an appointment for May. If you wait until the end of spring, you’ll have to fight to get an appointment before the summer. If you prefer to take care of the cleaning yourself, which is quite possible, you’ll only have to hire or buy the necessary cleaning products. Most of the time, it’s a matter of 1/2 a day’s work and it is much cheaper.

Merino S.L.
Tel.: 91 413 65 33
Calle Arturo Soria 187 - Metro Arturo Soria

Being one of the most famous specialist companies, it is heavily booked as soon as the first ray of sunshine appears. They can build swimming pools and have a maintenance program.



Tintorerías Olímpia 
Tel.: 91 575 24 58
Calle Lagasca 106 - Metro Nuñez de Balboa

Super professional, these drycleaners work miracles with leather and fur items.


Chair Bottomers

Joaquín Fernandez Cestería y Sillería
Tel.: 91 575 83 11 - 666 429 613

He will pick up the piece you want them to repair and he will give you a quote. 


Tel.: 91 319 03 40
Calle Fernando VI 7 - Metro Chueca 

This typical old Spanish shop sells different things manufactured in cane or straw, all of them at a very affordable price. They do repairs and specialise in chair rebottoming.


Shoe Repairer

Zapatería Doctor
Tel.: 91 562 28 10
Calle General Pardiñas 114 – Metro Avenida de America

A real craftsman: he can fix leather shoes and bags.


Repairing Jewellery

Tel.: 91 547 72 65 - 91 559 93 93
Cuesta de Santo Domingo 3 - 2nd floor - Metro Santo Domingo 

They repair all kinds of gold or silver items. They also provide a replating service and work from a preliminary quote.


Boiler Repair

Instalaciones Ramiro
Tel.: 639 100 192
Julio Ramiro is a great person to know when you have any kind of problem with your boiler. He can fix small and big problems!


Chimney Sweep

Your fireplace must be cleaned once a year. Before renting a house, check that the owner has had this done.

Desoyenador Integral Guillermo Chavarría
Tel.: 91 766 29 60 - 639 242 777
His work is thorough and very clean. He belongs to the national Spanish Chimney Sweep Federation. He also provides annual cleaning of boiler.