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Moving to Madrid
Get prepared for the DELE exam

The inscription period for DELE exam in November (20th of November) will end next October 14th. If you choose alcelenguas as your DELE examination Center you can also profit from the “Cursos Técnicas de Examen” which will help you to better face the test. Furthermore, contact them if you need some private lessons to feel more confident with your Spanish.


Alcelenguas, a language school with a good reputation

alcelenguas is a language school with a good reputation within the foreign community. You will be able to choose between several kind of classes: individual or group, very intensive or twice a week. They can also prepare you for the D.E.L.E. (Oficial Diploma for Spanish Language) and offer very interesting classes about Spanish culture.

alcelenguas is DELE EXAMINATION  CENTER for Instituto Cervantes.

Alliance Française in Madrid

The French Alliance of Madrid offers French and Spanish classes specifically designed for foreign students as individual courses in class or as structured visits for your company's office. An ideal solution to efficiently learn a language and quickly become accustomed to Madrid’s way of living!

The Alliance is also an official exam center.

In addition to classes, the Alliance organizes linguistic trips, various cultural activities and camps. You can get more information by going on their website.

Last but not least, the French Alliance of Madrid offers a translating service and a library.