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Moving to Madrid

Choosing an area to live is not always easy: work, transport, budget and schools are the main factors that will guide you. Our experience shows that there is a  high concentration of foreign families in the North, West and East of Madrid near the             international schools. La Moraleja , El Parque Conde de Orgaz  and Aravaca are very popular. As a result, prices in those areas are rather high. 
Methods of finding the ideal place to live are quite simple and standard: get an appointment with estate agencies in the areas you have selected and with the ones that have been recommended by your company. Be cautious with these.
Do not limit your research to the “famous” areas. Look at the areas that are nearby.

Around the Parque Conde de OrgazAreas like the Piovera, El Nuevo Mundo, Alameda de Osuna or all along Arturo Soria street.

Around la MoralejaEl Encinar de los Reyes is a very new area  expanding fast; a little further up the A1, big urban developments such as Santo Domingo, Ciudalcampo, Fuente el Fresno, Club de Campo are very popular and will allow you to live in a big house at a reasonable rent.

Madrid West sidePozuelo , Las Rosas, Majadahonda, Boadilla del Monte, Aravaca are very popular.

Madrid CentreHave a look at the charming and very small area called “El Viso”: prices are high but the place deserves its a little green oasis with beautiful houses right in the middle of town. Around Ramon y Cajal, you should also find very nice places to live.

We strongly recommend that you have a look at the property section of Idealista and Segunda Mano. Their property section are very complete and interesting.