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Moving to Madrid
Registering your Vehicle

Should you wish to bring your own car from home, you should be aware that the car insurance taken out in your home country will not cover a car based in Madrid. As a result, after 3 to 6 months (to be negotiated with your home insurance), you’ll have to insure your car locally.
To do so, you must get local licence plates as none of the insurance companies based in Spain are authorized to insure a car with foreign plates. If your company doesn’t take charge of this aspect of your move, we strongly recommend that you employ a “Gestor” or a lawyer, who will guide you through the myriad channels of bureaucratic Spain: getting local license plates is rather a nightmare!
A proven efficient organization able to help you is definitely the R.A.C.E. (Real Automóvil Club de España).

Calle Eloy Gonzalo 32 - Mº Iglesia

Tel.: 902 40 45 45 
You have to be a member to use this service. The annual fee depends on what you need. You will enjoy a breakdown service, reasonable cost car insurance and many other advantages. You can see on their website. Don’t forget that to the annual fee, you have to add the cost of taxes and the technical inspection (ITV).Once a member, they will take care of all the steps to change your car’s registration. 

Other addresses of interest are: 

Jefatura de Tráfico (Local Traffic Authority)
Calle Arturio Soria 143 and 125                                                                
Tel.: 060 
Go to the Jefatura de Tráfico main building (nº 143) and ask for the “Matriculación de vehiculos usados adquiridos directamente en la union Europea” form at the information desk which is just at the entrance. To avoid long queues, we recommend coming at opening time, i.e. 8.30 am. 

If you need further information or clarification, go to the building located at Nº 125. On the third floor, go to the window marked “información para extranjeros” and ask for clarification.


If you need your vehicle to pass a technical control you can make an appointment by telephone, ask for a “cita previa” and avoid queuing.

ITV Getafe
A4 - km 15,400 - Getafe
Tel.: 91 695 57 62 
To book appoinntment (cita previa) 902 154 000
The webpage is very good. It shows you the necessary documents you must complete, how to book an appointment to avoid waiting and how to get there. 

ITV Algete 
Autovía A1 Madrid-Burgos - Exit 23 Algete - Next to factoría “Amstel”

Tüv Rheinland Iberica 
Avenida de Burgos 114 - 3º

Tel.: 91 744 45 00 
To ensure your vehicle passes the technical control, you must obtain a technical record. You have 2 options: to order one from the car dealership for your make of car which will cost more money and take longer, or use Tüv Rheinland Iberica. They will give you a certificate for any type of car and translate it in 24 hours.

>Import Duty
If your car has been manufactured within the EU, the import duty will only be due if your car has spent less than one year in the country where it was purchased. 

How to get the certificate of exemption?
• Write a declaration on your honour stating that your car has spent more than 12 months in its country or origin.
• Ask your Consulate to authenticate your signature on this declaration.
• Bring this declaration to the Delegación de Hacienda. If you are lucky, you should be exempted from tax. 

>Traffic tax (impuesto de circulación del ayuntamiento)
Contact your local town hall for details