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Moving to Madrid
Professional Agencies

The most reliable way to find an “asistenta” is by recommendation. However, we have listed below some reliable methods to find the help you need. 

Filipinas a su Servicio 
Tel.: 91 388 77 31 - 691 684 940
This agency specializes in the selection of the Philippines for domestic service. They offer one year warranty on all their selection processes.

Casa Lista
Tel.: 91 559 41 77
Paseo de la Florida 47 - Local - Metro Príncipe Pío
An agency recommended by our readers who appreciate the quality of their work. A very fast service, good pre-selection of candidates and guaranteed for one year. 

Rosa Lozano  
Tel.: 91 553 27 60 - 699 953 864

Avda. del Dr. Federico Rubio y Galí 4
All kinds of domestic help: interna, externa and also cleaning ladies working just a few hours a week. They offer a “one-year guarantee” and always work with emplo-yees presenting good references.