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Au Pairs

The au Pair rules are about the same in all countries. Young girl or boy stays in your† home and in exchange for “room and board” she/he will provide around 30 to 35 hours of work per week plus 2 or 3 babysitting sessions. Her responsibilities must be related (and limited) to your children. She/he is not a household cleaner! Be cautious with au pairs coming from outside the EU as their visa expires after 3 months.†

Here are some addresses to help you find an au pair.

These 3 web sites have been strongly recommended to us.

Club de Relaciones Culturales Internacionales
This association has a double mission: they help young Spanish girls find a position abroad and try to find positions in Spain for foreign girls willing to spend a period of time in Madrid. They charge annual fees of € 300.†
Calle Ferraz 82 - 2ļ dcha. - Metro ArguŽlles
Tel.:†91 541 71 03