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It’s quite easy and fairly cheap (compared to other European countries) to find domestic help (“chica” or “asistenta”) in Madrid. Women of different nationalities share the “housekeeping” market. You will have to choose between ladies coming from South-America, Eastern Europe or local Spanish girls (they are more difficult to find and have higher rates). Depending on your needs, there are several different options.

THE DIFFERENT OPTIONS                 

An interna is a live-in helper. She will have her own room in your house and will sleep there (no need for babysitters!). Her responsibilities are to take care of the housework, including ironing, and she will help you with the children and the cooking. You allow her one and a half days off per week (in general, they have their Sunday off plus an afternoon to be agreed between both parties) and 4 weeks of holidays per year worked. 
The average monthly salary of an interna is about € 750 depending on how experienced she is. You have then to add the monthly Social Security cost (€ 172,83) and a 13th month or Christmas bonus. 

An externa has exactly the same responsibilities as an interna. The main difference between them is that the externa doesn’t sleep in your house (and thus, doesn’t provide babysitting) and works 5 days a week with her weekend off. Salary and additional costs are the same (except for dinner costs, etc.). 

She works 4 1/2 hours per day, 5 days a week (221/2 hours per week). In general, working times are from 9 am. to 1.30 pm. or from 2.30 pm. to 7 pm. But you can suggest a completely different time schedule including one or two full days of work per week. 
The average monthly salary of a part-time chica is € 450, plus half of the monthly Social Security cost and a 13th month or Christmas bonus.

She works a few hours a week in your house and you pay her € 9 or € 10 per hour.

If you decide to hire someone illegal, theoretical risks are that she will be immediately expelled from Spain and that you will have to pay a fine or go to court. However, it is a widespread practice to hire a domestic help who hasn’t got her papers yet. We just don’t know whether the government is going to become stricter than before.

Step 1: establishing a work contract
We are talking about a very standard work contract describing the job responsibilities, number of working hours, length of trial period, annual holidays allowed...

Step 2: going to the appropriate Social Security centre. You will have to fill in some forms to ensure your employee registration :
Formulario TA6 138 Hogar (;

Formulario TA2 S 138 (

To find out which centre you need, please call:

Seguridad Social                           
Tel.: 901 502 050 

Even if your employee hasn’t got her official papers, she can still register with the National Health Insurance system and benefit from free medical care, To do this, she needs to be registered at a town council.