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Health & Wellness

A 50 metres Olympic Pool :

Polideportivo municipal de Chamartin 
There is only one 50 metres pool in madrid. The facilities have been improved.It is ideally situated in the centre of Madrid.
Calle Pio XII s/n - Metro Pio XII
Tel.: 91 359 33 39



Baby swimmer classes for children from 5 months.


Orgaz Nursery School

The indoor swimming pool of this British school is open to kids coming from other schools. They have excellent facilities and the staff are really nice. They accept babies and it is the perfect place to go if you want your child to learn how to swim. They also offer aquatic fitness classes and sessions for pregnant women. 


Polideportivo San Agustín

A very convenient club for those who live in the Viso area. The centre has two swimming pools and offers swimming classes for children.



Ola Wave

Swimming classes for all ages in a salt water swimming pool (no chlorine). Water temperature is maintained at 32ºC. Adults can swim only in the mornings.