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Health & Wellness

Each district of Madrid has its own municipal sports centre. Most of them are very well equipped and offer a wide range of activities. Classes are organised per quarter and rates are really reasonable. To get the list of all the Polideportivos together with their addresses and telephone numbers, just contact the municipal administration in your area (“ayuntamiento”). 

The Alcobendas Polideportivo deserve a special mention as it offers a wide range of activities.

Centro Polideportivo de Alcobendas 
Several team and individual sports are available. Facilities are modern, complete and includes a very clean (and new) indoor swimming pool. If you want to attend the centre regularly, we recommend the “abono deporte” subscription renewable per quarter.
Carretera Alcobendas - Barajas - km 1.400 -A1 - Exit 17 
Tel.: 91 658 71 10