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Going Out in Madrid
Bar atlantica, the pub of the restaurant Abastos 2.0 just opened in Madrid

After having been located for a month in the pop up restaurant of the Urso hotel, the famous galician restaurant Abstos 2.0 just opened in the district of Chueca, this time for good. All fish and seafood aficionados rejoice, for you will be presented with the opportunity to taste the best of Galician cuisine.
Choose between three options: Puertas, where you can dine without needing a reservation; Media Corrida, with a larger offer (notably with empanadas). And finally, Menú Mariscada, reserved for groups. Let yourself be tempted by the mejillones con guacamole, sashimi de pargo con kiwi, berberechos de Noia, ostras, almejas…

Traduced by Alexis Sarfati 

Experience Philippine cuisine with Nàmit Gastrobar

One of the least commonly known cuisine from South-East Asia, Philippines flavors are worth a try. In a modern and colorful decor, The Nàmit Gastrobar introduces mediterranean-philippino fusion. Asian food aficionados will be able to discover new spices and tastes, coming straight from the Philippines. The equivalent of the Chinese Dim Sum, Sio Mai are a must (5,90€). Do try the corvina ceviche, marinated in tiger milk, or the marinated pollo de piedra, cooked with spices, eggs and pineapple.. Check out the terrasse on a warm and sunny day. This place will definitely give a twist to your usual Asian food routine.

Traduced by Alexis Sarfati 

El Imparcial, big crush for this brand new restaurant

A new address to be tested in Madrid : El Imparcial, an exquisitely styled restaurant with several area to have a drink, lunch, dinner,  or take a break. High ceilings, daylight in the main room, nice lightings, quiet with a touch of tasteful music in the background, a book and gift store make this place an agreeable spot to spend a moment of your day at. The waiters are attentive and the menu expectable. A highly recommended place! 

Restaurante Fox, several areas under the same roof


The idea behind this trendy and recently open restaurant is simply to make you feel at home. Therefore, the space is divided into several areas, which allow you to spend a whole evening starting with the aperitif.
A very British billiard room with a nice selection of gins for a good evening start. For dinner, you may chose between a very light kitchen type room from which you can see the cooks work, a more intimate one with dimmed lighting or an other one in colonial style.
To prolong the evening, the bar area and its DJ will take to the end of the night.
A pleasant and well thought through restaurant to spend a whole evening with friends.


The Table by A Fuego Negro. Let’s try those famous San Sebastian pintxos!


After Galicia, Cantabria and the Mediterranean, it is San Sebastian’s turn!
The Table by, the ephemeral restaurant set up by agency Better and new Hotel Urso invites you to a culinary discovery of this northern part of Spain. The guest restaurant is A Fuego Negro by chef Edorta Lamo, crowned best Euskadi’s pintxo and best Spanish Barra de pintxos y tapas, no less! A lot of creativity, sense of humour, originality and top range products. New guest restaurant always means new decor, although this time, an extra effort was made with the creation of two separate spaces: one for the restaurant and one for the bar area where you may order a selection of pintxos.


Naia Bistro, a cosy restaurant on lovely plaza de la Paja

We found plenty of good reasons to hurry with your booking at Naia. First the location. Plaza de la Paja is undoubtedly one of the most charming spots in the Asturias district, a must for a tapas tour in the area. Second, the warm and cosy yet not excessively trendy atmosphere helped by the wooden tables and soft lighting. Last but not least, the dishes, absolutely delicious. The burrata served with candied tomatoes is to-die-for. As a main dish, you cannot be disappointed by the kaffir lime monkfish and scallops. A wonderful address for dinner, provided you don’t mind the noise when the place is full.

Kilómetros de pizza, a pizzeria for families


Why for families ? Just to enjoy seeing your kids’ faces when the waiter brings a two-meter long pizza to your table ! Even we, adults, love it !
Kilómetros de pizza is a modern and trendy place with cool music and stunning waitresses. You may chose individual pizzas or by the meter (50 cm, 1 or 2 meters) with different garnishes every 50 cm. All the pizzas were made and tested by the 4-time-worldchampion of pizzas (the cherry y cebolla caramelizada was our favourite).
Several starters (lthe burrata templada con funghi is delicious) and a classical desert menu complete the offer of this lovely place. 


Mercado de San Ildefonso, a piece of Manhattan in Madrid


Calle Fuencarral 57: close your eyes for a second when you get in, open them, you will have the impression you landed right at the heart of Manhattan. The industrial style of the set up is very successful (black metal staircases, white-painted brick walls, exposed pipes)  and the multiple gourmet stalls are mouth-watering. Cheese at Poncelet, kebabs, jamón pinchos, delicious burgers, seafood… Have a look around, compare, smell, taste and then buy.
You will also find an outdoor patio and a bar de copas : the place is perfect! Open until midnight.


Ana La Santa, a must on Plaza Santa Ana

Although packed with tourists, Plaza Santa Ana remains one of the nicest spots in Madrid. Keep away from the crowd but don’t miss out on the atmosphere by dining at Ana La Santa at the ME hotel. Light-wooden furniture, vegetal walls, great service, state-of-the-art design, are the options chosen by En Compania de Lobos for its first restaurant in the capital. Try the paella and the jamón. As tasty as it is beautiful.


La Contraseña, the new restaurant-to-be

Inaugurated just a few weeks ago in the very dynamic calle Ponzano, La Contraseña is the new fashion restaurant in town. The place is superbly decorated and divided in several areas: a glass-roofed patio, full of light albeit somewhat noisy, a lounge bar for after-dinner copas, a tapas bar and a restaurant area. 

The atmosphere is warm and cosy, the menu is simple with excellent dishes (try the croquetas de carabineros or the tataki de atún). 

Wiser to book a table in advance.


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