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Going Out in Madrid
Terraza The Hat : Triciclo’s dining at one of the hippest rooftops in town


You are not familiar with hotel The Hat’s rooftop yet? Then you must go! This bohemian chic place is ideally located and overlooking La Latina rooftops. And the good news is that fabulous Triciclo restaurant is part of the project, offering a 50€ menu every Tuesday. Those of you who haven’t tried it yet, Triciclo is famous for its refined and creative cuisine, an explosion of flavors coupled with impeccable service.
The only problem will be to book a table, as this will certainly be Madrid’s summer hit.


The Jardines de Sabatini hotel’s rooftop : a breathtaking view on the Royal Palace


Don’t worry about the loud street where Jardines de Sabatini apart-hotel is located. What’s important is its rooftop terrace. A real hideaway with a spectacular view on the Royal Palace. The place gets almost magical when it’s lit at night, just perfect for a drink and/or a few tapas. Brunch on Sunday is also an option.
This lovely place will open its doors on June 2. Remember to book before going.


Salvator Bachiller terrace, Madrid's most hidden terrace of all

Impossible to come across it unless someone gave you the address ! This little peace haven is located a footstep away form Puerta del Sol and is a great place to escape to in case of skyrocketing temperatures.
Just climb to the shop’s last floor and find the little terrace filled with plants and inviting wooden tables. Tea, coffee, soda, something sweet, unless you go for a piece of pie and a glass of good wine!
A lovely address.


Free rum tasting on Madrid’s most beautiful terrace


If you haven’t had a chance yet to enjoy the Casino’s terrace (2 Michelin stars), Paco Roncero’s cuisine and the place’s magical views, do not miss the rum tasting offered during the whole month of September by Zacapa Rums.
Part of the terrace has been very tastefully redecorated for the occasion. You will be able to enjoy two Zacapa rums with some chocolate, but most of all, you will have the time of your life admiring the stunning views!


Gymage Lounge Resort Terrace & Restaurant

Considered by some a mixture of a beach club and a sophisticated Miami restaurant, the Gymage Terrace & Restaurant was created with the intention of being a sort of urban resort where multiple experiences await its guests. It’s the kind of place that whether you want to meet with friends for a Sunday brunch, after-work cocktails (the mojitos are said to be the best you can find in the city), or to hold a celebratory dinner, it’s the perfect location to relax in the open-air with incredible views of the city center at any time of the day. Furthermore, the rooftop terrace and restaurant aren’t just perfect for an escape during the summer months, but at any time of the year as an innovative climate system keeps the facilities at just the right temperature for your enjoyment.

The cuisine is a fusion of delicacies from around the world ranging from milkshakes and delicate desserts to tartars and hamburgers. Any palate will find something to please themselves here all within a reasonable price range. A Menú del Día is offered for the price of 10,90 euros starting at 1:30 pm.

The various types of seating arrangements, from sofas, beds, stools, hammocks, bar space, tables, to even a futuristic tube, provide the perfect area to pass hours at a time with your friends and loved ones. Volume-appropriate lounge music increases the festive atmosphere of the terrace and restaurant.

During the summer be sure to check in with the establishment about their much desired infinity pool and its availability.

Reservations can be made through either email or telephone and it is asked you indicate the date, time, and number of guests of your reservation when booking.

La Cocina de San Anton

The San Anton Market has a lot to offer: a supermarket in the basement, fruit, vegetable, cheese, meat, and fresh fish stands on the ground floor, and on the first floor you’ll find a nice variety of stands offering tapas, beer, and wine from the different regions Spain. However, don’t stop there, make your way to the third floor and you’ll find two restaurants offering two different environments, but both welcoming. The first is being a rooftop-terrace lounge offering views of the Madrid skyline and the surrounding neighborhood of Chueca. The second is a formal restaurant with a chic, rustic style located in an interior section of the building.

Both spaces offer the same menu with the offered plates utilizing the fresh ingredients that can be found in the markets of the lower floors of the building. The cuisine is traditionally Spanish, however with some international touches to add a twist. Within the interior restaurant a cocktail bar offers a variety of cocktails, fresh juices, snacks, and other refreshments.

Besides the enjoyable and bustling environment, perhaps the most exciting opportunity these restaurants offer is the chance to self-purchase your meal’s ingredients from the aforementioned markets and then have the restaurant kitchen staff cook them to your liking. Products in the markets with labels reading: “Cooking de la cocina de San Anton” are those that can be bought and incorporated into your meal. It’s an unconventional, but eventful way to interact with the staff and ingredients, offering the opportunity to create your own unique meal from high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Ático de Las Letras

Located on the 7th floor of the Hotel de la Letras, Ático de Las Letras offers some of the best views of Madrid's city center to those wanting to enjoy a refreshing cocktail. The establishment also offers a small list of food and wine, which is updated yearly.

The small, but comfortable wood-paneled open-air lounge is accompanied by a welcoming staff, soft-lighting and ambient music making it an enjoyable space to meet and socialize with friends. Summertime is the best time to pass an evening at Ático de Las Letras, however the rooftop bar is open year round with first-come-first-serve seating. The fact that they do not take reservations should be taken into account.

La Terraza de Apartosuites Jardines de Sabatini

The rooftop of the Apartosuites is where you will find one of the only views that displays the Royal Palace in all its splendor. A fashionable, modern design and welcoming staff serving the establishment's specialty cocktails and Madrilenian tapas make the experience that much more enjoyable. To really get the full experience though, rendezvous with friends or loved ones on the terrace for a spectacular sunset and you'll feel you received more than your money's worth. A popular brunch is offered, however during the summer months it is discontinued; it is suggested to check-in with the establishment on its availability during the month of September.

The terrace is considered a secret oasis in the center of Madrid in it's own right. However, it is also valuable to know the rooftop is considered a welcomed escape from Madrid's summertime heat as well as offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the summertime concerts of the Veranos de la Villa without paying entry, but rather while relishing a refreshing cocktail as you take in the city's gorgeous sunset skyline with headlining music playing under the stars.

Although, the terraza-bar is considered a hidden secret it gets busy quickly, so reservations are highly recommended.

Also, the hotel itself is houses an exhibit of classic, vintage cars dating as far back to a Ford T from 1912. Guests often find taking the time to tour the exhibit is an added bonus to the already enjoyable experience.


Centro Centro Terraza Bar

There are only two ways to enjoy the views from atop the Centro Centro Cultural Center.

Option One allows entry to the 8th floor, lasts only 30 minutes, and costs 2 euros.

Or you can choose Option Two in which you can enjoy as many drinks as you desire admist a social crowd and a DJ setup until 2am with no cover charge.

This is the only building with a direct view of Plaza de Cibeles until 2am.

Tartan Roof Restaurant

Located on the roof of the Circulo de Bellas Artes (CBA), Tartan Restaurant is a "pop-up" idea created for visitors of the area of cultural activity to enjoy one of the highest roof-tops in Madrid while savoring the South American-Asian fusion cuisine of chef Javier Muñoz-Calero.

If you'd rather skip the meal, a "chill-out" area with big pillows and nice lighting is available to anyone wanting to just enjoy a coffee or drink while taking in the view.

The Tartan Roof Restaurant is the perfect location for a romantic dinner or an after-work cocktail.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks start at 8:00am 
Two dinner shifts at 21:00 and 23:00 
Drinks available until 2:00 or 3:00

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