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Going Out in Madrid
The stunning terrace Warehouse, the new place to be!


Just imagine a nineteenth century palace at the heart of Salamanca with a huge and tasteful tree-planted terrace. You are at Warehouse's terrace, one of the nicest places in town for dinner or drink, especially with the heat wave coming up!
The chef comes from Ramses and choses to offer simple dishes with top quality ingredients. And since the restaurant belongs to Zorita group, producers of wine, oil and cheese (the best we know really!), you may come for their homemade product tasting every Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30 pm, or swing by the shopping corner inside the restaurant to bring all of it home.


Tita Rivera’s terrace, bohemian atmosphere at the heart of Chueca


Save this address in case you wander around Chueca and need a refreshing break from the high heat. It is spacious, tree covered, full of wooden tables and remote little corners to sit down and relax in peace and quiet. You may have a drink, coffee or a burger or salad for lunch although we warn you, do not expect anything spectacular in your plate. A nice stop amidst this summer’s high heat.



Saporem, a new restaurant with a lovely winter terrace

Whatever the weather, Saporem's terrace welcomes guests for dinner in its lovely covered and heated terrace. Cosy and warm atmosphere (same hit-of-the-moment vintage decor!), good service and excellent value-for-money make Saporem this autumn's place to be. perfect also for lunch with a very generous 10 euro menu.


Great Lebanese cuisine on the terrace at Du Liban

The terrace belonging to the restaurant Du Liban is without doubt the most agreable place to have dinner or a drink in la Plaza de la Moraleja. 

If you like Lebanese cuisine this is definately the place for you to pass en evening out in the fresh air enjoying the Moorish decor and trying their irresistable dishes. You will find all the typical dishes - Tabbouleh, Falafel, Homous lahme (hummus with lamb, highly recommended), aubergine puree accompanied by pomegranate - cooked to perfection!

Make sure to book in advance for the terrace when the weather is warm! 


Iroco, A Garden in the Heart of Salamanca

Very fashionable decor with green painted walls and modern furniture. But the best reason to have lunch or dinner here is without doubt the magnificent terrace, very pleasant in summer. This terrace garden is quite a unique find in the centre of Madrid, and you cannot help but feel that your senses are constantly assailed by a friendly, inviting and relaxing atmosphere. The contemporary cooking is also worth a try and brunch fans can meet every Sunday from 2.30 p.m. 

El Viejo Almacén, A Taste of Buenos Aires

A small pedestrian square, chequered tablecloths, meat from Argentina… El Viejo Almacén Buenos Aires is an institution in Madrid where you can dine swaying to the rhythm of Tango and for a very real moment, the noise of the capital is lost.


La Terraza del Casino

The former Casino de Madrid is now home to the Terraza del Casino located on the roof of this wonderful building overlooking Calle Alcalá. In La Terraza, you’ll discover the very creative and innovative cuisine of Ferrán Adrià, definitely Spain’s most famous Chef. He is not in the kitchen but Paco Roncero, the Terraza chef, will provide you with quite a culinary experience. Only book when the outside terrace is open. 

Rubaiyat, Flavors of South America

Enjoy a caïpirinya followed by tasty South American meat in a romantic candlelit setting at Rubaivat’s in the City Centre. Here you will find all the ingredients for a fabulous evening. This Brazilian restaurant recently opened in Madrid (after Brazil and Argentina). They serve excellent meat imported from Argentina (try the “Picaña”) and organise “feijoadas” on weekends. 

La Cantina in the Cineteca of Matadero

The eatery at el Matadero Cultural Center is very industrial-styled, like the rest of the center. There are individual or long tables to enjoy their pizzas, quiche, gourmet sandwiches, homemade dessert or mint lemonade. Also inside the Matadero is the terraza-bar, situated in the plaza inside of the center. During the summer there are usually musical events or art installations featured in the plaza.

Terraza Atenas

One of the best outdoor bars in Madrid. This bar is actually a 'kiosk' round walls and seating all around it. Situated close to the river, the area is a nice retreat from the city after work or on the weekends. They often host parties with funk, electronic or top chart music. Also, they have an almost endless number of cocktails with up to 25 different brands of gin and various mojitos, caipirinhas and margaritas.