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Going Out in Madrid

There are more than 3,000 restaurants in Madrid. Spanish people enjoy eating out (restaurant and bar expenditure is often the first item in their budget). They are fond of traditional Spanish food, especially seafood, but over the last few years they have also learned to appreciate new tastes. As a result, you’ll find restaurants of every variety and culture. We have selected for you a few of our favourites. 

Don’t forget to book a table a few days in advance, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Watch out for opening hours. Spaniards have their own habits and eat much later than most of us! At lunch time, most of the restaurants open towards 1.30 pm. However, you hardly see people coming in before 2 or 2.30 pm. In the evening,        restaurants do not open their doors before 9 or even 9.30 pm. and most people only start arriving around 10 pm. If you think 10 pm. is too late for you, don’t worry, there are always cafeterias, snack bars and many “bares de tapas” which serve food all day. The restaurants we have listed are generally closed on Saturday lunchtime, Sundays and Public Holidays.


Diverxo restaurant gets 3 Michelin stars!

Ever since Zalacaín was downgraded in 1995, there was not a single 3 starred restaurant in Madrid. Until now! David Muñoz' Diverxo just received the top three star rating.
The tiny place has nothing in common with a classic 3-star: located in a lifeless neighborhood, no silver cutlery nor refined porcelain here. The chef is a master at combining oriental and european flavors and here is what the Michelin guide MD himself thinks of him: "What David Muñoz is doing is extraordinary: he's got a vision, a creativity, an imagination that are astonishing, and in my opinion, he's not done surprising us…"
There is no à la carte menu at Diverxo, only 3 tasting menus: ExpresXO with 7 dishes, ExtenXO with 9 dishes and DiverXO with 12. Prices vary from 100 to 200 euros, drinks not included.