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The table : a tribute to the art of puppetry

Manipulated in the Japanese bunraku style by three artists, Moses is tired of performing fairytales at children's birthday parties and wants to demonstrate his worth as a serious artist and puppet. To do this, he has set himself the challenge of performing the last twelve hours in the life of the Biblical figure Moses, demonstrating his skills in dance, examining the Bible, and having a run-in with an invisible running machine, all in all an absolutely chaotic spectacle.

Family show : Do not forget me

“I wrote Do Not Forget Me inspired by my partner and colleague Mary Underwood’s dreams”, explains director Philippe Genty in an interview. His muse’s dreams strangely led him towards hidden territories of his own childhood. Do Not Forget Me does not follow any narrative guideline. To enjoy it, you must let yourself being carried away into Mary’s and Philippe’s oniric universe, full of humans, anthropomorphic monkeys and zombie doubles. Philippe Genty’s shows are unclassifiable and unutterable. They are a mix of theater, mime, muppets and dance. And they all dig into an inner world that is often enigmatic, but always poetic.

THEATRE : The valley of Astonishment. Well done Mr. Peter Brook!

At 89 years old, Peter Brook has this exceptional and never-surpassed sense of staging.
In The valley of Astonishment, he explore memory again, and more specifically a new neurological curiosity called synesthesia. Some synesthesists, like Solomon Shereshevsky, associate images to figures and names, thus creating outstanding memory capacity. That’s what the play’s main character does. Others, like painter Kandinsky, paint the sounds they hear. Another source of inspiration for Brook.
A fabulous and highly instructive theatre experience. 

Dance : Torobaka. Flamboyant encounter between flamenco and Kathak dance.

Blazing  encounter : Israel Galvan from Sevilla, with a solid flamenco dancer reputation acquired over the past 15 years, dances as a duet with Akram Khan, the unquestioned star of Kathak dance, a traditional Indian art that sometimes resembles flamenco.

It is the very first time these two outstanding dancers form a duet. Mixing and confronting two ancestral arts that seem so far apart at first sight was an ambitious bet, but the dancers take up the challenge : putting subtle and full of finesse Kathak from Northern India, and Andalusian, stiff and more manly flamenco face to face.


Pinocho, El gran musical

Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi's novel was put on stage several times before. Dance, music, theater or circus, all means are good to tell the little wooden puppet's adventures. 
Just when we thought we had seen it all, Argentine Gustavo Tambascio, succeeds in surprising us. 
Theater author and director, he's behind about a hundred remarkable shows: operas, dramas, musicals.
For Pinocchio, Tambascio has put together a mix of theater, dancing, singing and most of all circus. Acrobats jugglers, fire-eaters, trapezists, air dancers, as well as Mr. Loyal accompany Pinocchio. The circus performances slide into every scene often giving them a dreamlike dimension.
This musical will ravish you and your kids by its outstanding staging and by its creativity. 


The company Cas Public presents “Gold

As part of Teatralia

Hélène Blackburn, director of Canadian world-famous company Cas Public, stages “Gold”, a show for young spectators over 5 years old.

In this show, Blackburn gives her own interpretation of Bach's masterpiece Goldberg Variations in its iconic version by Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. According to the score and through usual kids objects diverting (small chairs, balls, toys), the artists come up with a powerful and very poetic dance where tap-dancing, juggling, and body percussion give life to the choreography. 

Creativity, fantasy and risk-taking are Cas Public's guidelines for this sixth show in their youth series started in the year 2000. 


I do I do I do, The new Madrid Players show

The Madrid Players promises to have and to hold you, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this moment forward until the final curtain do us part...

The Constant Quene by the Madrid Players

Don't miss the Madrid Players' autumn production The Constant Quene, a play in English by Madrid's bestknown amateur dramatic company. The play is particularly relevant for English people living in Madrid as it Is about Katherine of Aragon, England's Spanish Queen and the first wife of Henry VIII. It is an historical pageant with dramatised narration and live music performed by guest musicians, a madrigal choir and a children's chorus in the lovely setting of the German Church.

Racconto, Mayumana's new show

After their birth 15 years ago and becoming a reference on the world scene, Mayumana brings you Racconto, a unique show uniting artists from all over the world telling the story of their careers through the medium of videos, music, theatre, dance and of course with comedy. 

After their creation in 1996, the company has become known for its imagitive percussion using the most unlikely objects made from recycled or deconstructed items, which in other hands would never make such noises. 

A show that the whole family will love.


The Madrid Players new production Steel Magnolias

Don't miss the Madrid Players spring classic being performed between 9th and 12th May.  Amateur theatre in English.  Their new production is Steel Magnolias which is a comedy-drama about the bond between a group of women living in northwest Louisiana written by Robert Harling. You may remember the film with Julia Roberts.