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Sama Sama Live show

Madrid has been chosen by Mayumana and the Cirque du Soleil for the world premiere of their multi-sensory show that fuses interactive features with elements of a theme park, allowing audiences to enter a parallel universe where they can give free rein to their creativity.
Audiences will be taken on a journey through around a dozen interactive installations designed on a large scale so they can play and have fun, and take on a starring role through the use of music and movement in a show without words that is suitable for all ages.

Cirque du soleil is back with Amaluna


The Cirque du Soleil has has come a long way since it started in Quebec   in 1984. From public entertainers walking down the street on stilts juggling, breathing fire and dancing, they have become a major player on the circus scene.
Written and directed by Diane PaulusAmaluna is Cirque du Soleil’s first production whose over two thirds of the troupe are women. “Mi idea was to create a show that would shine a spotlight on women through a secret story where they would be the heroes».



Gandini Juggling Smashed, masters with a sense of humor

This London company pays tribute to famous German choregrapher Pina Bausch. On stage, 9 jugglers virtuosi reinvent the choregrapher's danced theater principle into juggling theater. 
The result is a colorful and original show full of British humour, flying apples and diverse music, from Tammy Wynette to Bach. For kids aged 8 and above.

Cirque du Soleil is in Madrid with Alegría

A few days before Christmas, Madrid's Palacio de Deportes will present Alegría: the classic and internationnally acclaimed production of the world's most famous circus. 
Acrobatics on high altitude trapezes, contorsionists, fire ballet with knives, a flying man, Russian dancers and synchronized trapeze are just some of the acts of this brilliant show.

Cirque Eoloh!

Eoloh, the god of wind, takes the audience from an average plane ride to a new world. This world is built on the imagination and bends any ideas of reality as 20 circus performers dance, do acrobatics and aerial choreography. The team comes from all around the world, specifically Poland, Ukraine, Ethiopia, UK and Spain. The mix of complex stunts, beautiful costumes and complex video projection in this intimate theater, makes the audience feel like they are part of the action.

Teatro Circo Price – Contemporary Circus

Wunderkammer : The Price Theater is presenting this Australian circus company that has won over audiences and critics for their pure, physical poetry. The company has performed since 2006 across 24 countries. These acrobatic circus artists flaunt boundless audacity with direction by Yaron Lifschitz, head of the company's other shows, such as “S” and “How Like an Angel”. His latest production is a sequence of acrobatic feats that combine strength and beauty. The title, Wunderkammer, is a German name given during the Renaissance period to the rooms where people collected unclassifiable specimens discovered in different expeditions. Hence, this show displays a collection of phenomena not limited to just circus feats, but also mixes cabaret and vaudeville.  The resulting mix is exhilarating for the audience that will be captivated by the strength of the movement, embellished by the use of light and music.