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Circo Baroloso : El tiempo del Agua. A refreshing show for kids


Created by Mathieu Levasseur, the Barolosolo company has found that water was their best play companion. Water sends us back to childhood, when we loved clapping it to hear its lapping. Barolosolo uses clownery and music to create a world apart, far form the real one, absurd, oneiric and poetic all at once.
Both artists on stage are musicians, tightrope walkers, acrobats, climbers, divers, jumping form one burlesque scene to another. Humor makes path to some truly poetic moments.


TEATRALIA, the international festival of performing arts. Art within children’s reach!


The Teatralia festival honours performing arts for the youngest. During one whole month, it  occupies several cultural spots in the capital and around. For this 19th edition, the organizers have selected 19 shows of Spanish as well as European, African and South American origins. There is a show for every age range.
Once again, Teatralia has the virtue of introducing performing arts to a young audience. Life would certainly taste different without them!   


Show for children : Omelette at Teatro Real

Le Clair de Lune Théâtre is a company specialized in nonverbal shadow theater. The story tells... with an offbeat humor, the confrontation between the world of adults and the imaginary world of child. A conservative father and a stiff mother are trying to tame their playful daughter whose only friend is a very bold hen.
Each one, in his respective frame, has his own ruled life without any surprise until the child, influenced by her little friend, begins to come out of her assigned frame.
The parents, without scruples, set off in pursuit of this troublemaker. A wild chase is starting in the child’s imaginary world governed by irrational rules, where everything is possible and where derision overcomes reason and humor wins prejudices.
Losing their bearing in this universe, which seems so unfamiliar to them for such a long time, the parents will not come off unscathed. 


Children’s theater: Ulises

Ulises is a show staged by three puppeteers from the Bambalina company.  Ever since its creation in 1992, it has stirred up enthusiasm among both Spanish and foreign audience. This silent show has come across many borders to China, Korea or France, where it received the award for best comedy show. The puppeteers do not only manipulate their puppets, they intensely live through their adventures with them. 

Object theatre : A mano : a deeply moving love story

As part of Teatralia

Critically acclaimed A mano is a three-time winner of the best small show. 

Everything happens on a Louis XV-style table. Above it, a second-hand shop filled with ceramics, and under, a pottery workshop. Under the spectator's eyes, Izaskun kneads clay until a little head is made. The clay head is delicately placed on a hand that turns into a human body. The little man becomes an object for sale among the ceramic ones displayed. One day, a cup coming straight form the pottery workshop is displayed by its side, and a beautiful love story is born between the two items. Unfortunately, the shop goes bankrupt. Will love survive the abominable economic reality? 


Teatralia, The International Performing Arts Festival for Children and Young Adults

The festival stays true to the same formula that has brought it so much success and recognition for the last years: a top-notch program of works for the whole family, with room for theater, circus, puppets, music and dance.

Children, young adults and grown-ups will enjoy the experience equally.

As usual, companies from France, Canada, Belgium and other parts of the globe will join the troupes who come each year all over Spain. 


Disney on Ice, Un mundo de fantasía

The most loveable princesses from the wonderful world of Disney are ready to show their skills on ice once again. Following a tour around Spain, the Palacio de Deportes is hosting this production full of music, excitement and fun.
This time, the featured stories are Tangled, the Princess and the Frog, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Cinderella and the Glass Slipper.  

Garage d'or by Familie Flöz, a show full of poetry


The Berlin company Famille Flöz has been successfully touring around the world for nearly 15 years now. Their shows are a combination of multiple arts, way beyond the simple art of language. Visual tricks, masks, dance, music, clowning, acrobatics, magic and improvisation are all mixed to make it a poetic theatrical experience.
Here, the Flöz family takes its quarters in a little garage, from which four men plan on travelling to a new world. Under pressure from their demanding wives and difficult kids, but lifted by their ingenuousness, they will soon reach a point of no return. An invigorating performance about fathers' helplessness, faith in the impossible and search for freedom. 
For children aged 10 and above.


Peter Pan's story performed as a ballet


The story of the boy who wouldn't grow is famous among several generations. Performed as a ballet, the show makes a perfect outing for both parents and kids. Peter Pan and Wendy, the main characters, bring their magical adventures alive with the help of fairies, mermaids, Redskins and of course, Captain Hook and the scary crocodile. 


El sastrerillo valiente, a show for children inspired by the Grimm tale

The company Etcetera offers an original version of this famous tale with music, puppets, shadow effects, projections and a chamber orchestra. propose une version originale de ce conte connu de tous, en musique, avec des marionnettes, des jeux d'ombre, des projections et un orchestre de chambre. The story is about a tailor who's disturbed by flies while working in his workshop. One time, he manages to kill seven of them at once,  so he embroiders the performance on his belt. He then gets into trouble and ends up in a fight with a giant…
A show for children aged 7 and up.

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