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Lobo Feliz

The Happy Wolf has a selection of toys that are quite unique. There are a few vintage toys available, which are very nice. All of the toys were thoughtfully selected to support children's creativity, imagination and enjoyment of learning. The store has various educational toys, play buddies, home decorations and other fun accessories.

Baby Deli

Baby Deli offers a wide variety of products from organic farms a wide range of teas and coffees, energy bars, honey, jams, gluten-free foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, biodegradable nappies... and educational toys all relating to environmental protection, the playground for children and cafeteria are the best !

Deli Baby especially but they are varied workshops for children. The stimulation of all small workshops in cultural and musical expression through introductory courses in contemporary art, cooking classes or yoga, there’s something for all ages and all tastes . Try it without hesitation !


Kamchatka Magic Toys

This shop deserves a visit: it is certainly one of the most creative toy shop of Madrid. They offer a good selection of brands from all over the world including several wooden toys. They also display some items of children furniture. To find the store easily, look at the map available on their web site.


Games Workshop

If your kids are fascinated by “Warhammers” (like most boys between 8 and 13), this is the place to go. They have other shops in Madrid.



You’ll find an Imaginarium shop in almost all the shopping centres. They are very popular in Spain and deserve their good reputation with an excellent selection of toys for kids aged 0 to 7 years old. It’s a great place to find a birthday/baby shower present. The recently opened concept store in Serrano is worth a look.


Don Juego

Shop specialising in board games.  You’ll find ones you played as a child as well as the latest games.


Pepa Luna

In this shop you will find beautiful toys from all over the word, dressing up clothes and books. The shop also holds workshops for children.


Ferán Dideco

This very large place is devoted to games and children. There is a special reading section, another for arts and crafts, and a wide selection of “educational toys and games” that will make both parents and children happy. 


J de Juegos

Good selection of educational and creative toys, intelligent and innovative games... Worth a visit.



This toy and gadget shop features over 1.000 electronics and the uniqueness of their products will make your visit to the store become an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. Throughout the store you will encounter humanoids robots that interact with you, replicas of the legendary Robot from Star Wars R2D2, robotic pets that obey voice commands and a repilica of Elvis that appears to be alive. And while enjoying these incredible advances in robotics fun, you can see how radio controlled robotic birds, helicopters, boomerangs and space saucers fly by radio control.  If you can't find something in their store, they also offer an extensive catalog of toys and electronics on their website.