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For your parties : Party Land España

Party Land España opened its first store in Madrid in 2005 and today already has 8 stores across the city, where you can find everthing in order to make your party festive, whatever the theme.  There is a large selection of products for children and for adults, also everything to celebrate graduations, anniversaries, etc.  In addition, you can find various costumes and accessories throughout the year including both the classics, like Disney Princesses or Spiderman, to the modern looks, like the Avengers or Monster's High.

In its own, seperate world inside Party Land, you can find all the decorations with balloons. In each store you can get balloon bouquets for any occasion, from the simplest forms to the most elaborate designs.

If you’re in Madrid and have something to celebrate, don’t hesitate to visit, you will be amazed.

Practical information

Party Land Alcobendas
Centro Comercial La Vega - Avenida Olímpica 9  
Tel.: 91 484 14 40

 Party Land Las Rozas
Pol. Európolis - Calle Dublín 23C 
Tel.: 91 626 63 60 

Party Land Pozuelo 
Avenida Europa 38 - Pozuelo 
Tel.: 91 715 96 84 

Party Land Villalba
Centro Comercial Los Olivos - local A4 - Collado Villalba
Tel.: 91 851 00 15

Party Land Conde Orgaz
Plaza Manuel Rodrigo 11 - Parque Conde de Orgaz
Tel.: 91 759 10 01

Party Land Moncloa
Paseo San Francisco de Sales 32 - Metro Islas Filipinas
Tel.: 91 534 73 29

Party Land Alcocer
Calle Alberto Alcocer 43 - Metro Colombia
Tel.: 91 345 97 13

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