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How to choose the right center for your child’s first educational experiences?

Most, if not all, 21st century parents would agree that they want quality education for their children. But what does quality education look like? When should you start?

Research shows that the quality of early experiences and relationships in the first three years of life affects brain architecture and has a deep and lasting impact on the foundation for the learning that follows. In these first few years, 700 new neural connections are formed every second (Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University). It is no surprise that early childhood education is the best investment and the key to a prosperous society!

We need to prepare future generations for a rapidly changing global world where most professions that will exist have not even been invented yet, and where people may live in at least 4-5 different countries throughout their lives. The role of early childhood educators is not only to introduce academic content, but also to instill values and build skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and leadership. Most of all, it is important that children acquire a love of learning and positive self-esteem during their early years.

Children thrive in a community where they can play, explore, learn and socialize in a safe and stimulating environment. It is important to choose an early childhood program that is accredited and can guarantee high quality standards.

English for Fun is the only American accredited Early Childhood center in Spain. Our accreditation organization, NECPA (National Early Childhood Program Accreditation) ensures that only the best standards are being met at all times:

-Highly qualified staff of educators

-Small group sizes and low student-teacher ratios to provide individualized attention

-An educational philosophy that involves parents

-An educational program based on the latest child development research

-Stimulating activities and materials based on children’s needs and interests

-Rigorous health and safety procedures

At English for Fun we are particularly careful regarding the education, training and experience required of our native English speaking teachers. Within their collaborative learning environment, they share and develop knowledge and pedagogical innovation. Our teachers are some of the best in Madrid.


Practical information

English for Fun
Calle Darro, 5 - Metro Santiago Bernabeu
Tel.: +34 91 441 22 33 - +34 91 308 36 60

English for Fun - La Finca
Calle Proa S/N - Pozuelo

Tel.: 619 450 562

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