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Exhibition Ingre


This Prado exhibition features the XIXth century artist’s career, through a chronological and thematically visit of 70 paintings, including the famous “Grande Odalisque” and “Ossian’s dream”. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres is one of the stepping stones of end of XIXth century, beginning of XXth century artistic revolutions. His paintings, influenced by giants like Raphaël, would prelude to Picasso’s work. Apart from his feminine nudes and portraits, the exhibition also includes his work for the duc of Abla, previously de Berwock. The most famous painting he executed for him remains a portrayal of the nobleman receiving the Golden Fleece from Philip the Vth of Spain. Activities such as conferences and concerts are also held around the exhibition.

Traduced by Alexis Sarfati 


Practical information

Until the 27th of March 2016
Museo del Prado
Paseo del Prado s/n

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