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Finally some high quality dim sum in Madrid


Everyone talks about it and has its opinion on how much they loooove this or the other dim sum (literally meaning to touch heart). But apart from finding acceptable ones frozen at Chinese groceries, this small Chinese roll steamed in a bamboo basket was impossible to come across in Madrid. Until now. We have found the place that makes delicious ones!
The Dim Sum Market has two addresses : the restaurant corner close to Puerta del Sol does not look very attractive but will allow you to taste some if you happen to be in the area. The other address is a stall at Barcelo market’s second floor. There, you may buy them and take them home!
Delightful, tasty and varied, they are home made and please any palate: meat, fish, seafood, vegetable, herbs... Absolutely mouthwatering!


Practical information

Dim Sum Market
Restaurant calle del Principe 19 - Metro Sol
Tel.: 91 156 92 88

Shop Mercado Barceló
Calle Barceló 6 - puesto 310 - Metro Tribunal
Tel.: 605 503 107