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Miss Chou opened a few weeks ago in a charming little shop in Salamanca, steps away from the French embassy. In this neat and luminous little place, Laurence uses top quality ingredients to make her own selection of petits choux (small pastry puffs) on the spot and with her own little touch that makes the whole difference. Melty inside and crispy on the outside, the petits choux come in a large variety of flavors: chocolate, mont-blanc, caramel, passion fruit, Paris-Brest, tatin, vanilla... impossible to resist.
A new box of 30 'choux' is now available !

Laurence often comes up with new flavors that you may taste by visiting her shop or by following her facebook page.
Beautiful, colorful and delicious, these petits choux will embellish your buffet tables. To be enjoyed without holding back!


Practical information

Miss Chou
Calle de Villalar 5 - Métro Retiro
Tel. : 910 23 70 98


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