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Exhibition : Giacometti, el hombre que mira. From the eye expression to the walking man: a fascinating journey!


Behind Giacometti’s skinny sculptures lay an artist’s doubts about how to give life to a work of art through the eyes or through movement. Apart from being a sculptor, he also was a relentless draughtsman, as according to him: “If you master the art of drawing, everything else becomes possible”. Giacometti draws faces, busts, as well as straight, naked moving or still bodies. 
Most of his drawings are an entanglement of pencil lines, a scribble that finally lets a recognizable face appear, his brother Diego’s or his wife Anette’s. In this outstanding collection of drawings, the look on Giacometti’s models is remarkable.


Practical information

Until 3rd of May 
Fundacion canal de Isabel II 
Calle Mateo Inurria, 2 - metro : Plaza Castilla
video :

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