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Luciano Fabro, a retrospective exhibition of 60 masterpieces at Palacio Velázquez

Born in 1936, Luciano Fabro is a major figure of arte Povera, the italian cutting-edge movement that advocates a new attention to the past and to natural elements. The artist likes to use a large variety of materials, raw or noble, with which he creates unusual associations. Among his most remarkable pieces is the Feet series: sculptures that put together a leg made of cloth and a marble, crystal or bronze foot. There is also a series of Hangers, as well as the levitating Italy series, a group of sculptures reminiscent of the boot-shaped country.

A total of 60 pieces are being show-cased at Palacio Velázquez.



Practical information

Until 12th of april 2015
Palacio de Velázquez
Parque del Buen Retiro
Paseo Venezuela, 2

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