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Show for children : Omelette at Teatro Real

Le Clair de Lune Théâtre is a company specialized in nonverbal shadow theater. The story tells... with an offbeat humor, the confrontation between the world of adults and the imaginary world of child. A conservative father and a stiff mother are trying to tame their playful daughter whose only friend is a very bold hen.
Each one, in his respective frame, has his own ruled life without any surprise until the child, influenced by her little friend, begins to come out of her assigned frame.
The parents, without scruples, set off in pursuit of this troublemaker. A wild chase is starting in the child’s imaginary world governed by irrational rules, where everything is possible and where derision overcomes reason and humor wins prejudices.
Losing their bearing in this universe, which seems so unfamiliar to them for such a long time, the parents will not come off unscathed. 


Practical information


17th of January - 1st of February  
Teatro real 
Plaza de Isabel II - Metro Opera
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