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Exhibition on genius chef Ferran Adrià


«Take an egg: who got the idea first to separate white and yolk? This is a fascinating question, without which pastry wouldn’t exist. When I take an egg, I always wonder if there isn’t another way to do things. »
Why ? And How ? The master Catalan chef Ferran Adrià never stopped asking himself these two essential questions ever since he heard Jacques Maximin,  the enfant terrible of french gastronomy say : « To create, is not to imitate ». 
Out of the 1846 dishes created since his el Bulli restaurant was opened, not one resembled the other. This master in gastronomy used to close el Bulli six months a year to dedicate himself to the preparation of his next 35 dishes. The six remaining months, he was welcoming 8000 guests, no less.
In March 2016, at the heart of Cap de Creus natural park, he will inaugurate a creation lab, a museum, a hotel and… a restaurant « el Bulli 1846 » tribute to the 1846th and final creation before el Bulli closed.
The genius of molecular cuisine is still to astonish us.


Practical information


Ferran Adrià. Auditando el proceso creativo
Until 1st of March 2015
Fundación Telefónica  
Calle Fuencarral 3  - Métro Gran Via


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