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Puerto de la Fuenfría via the roman road


It is said that "la calzada romana" (roman road) in the beautiful Fuenfría valley between Segovia and Collado Mediano dates from the time of emperor Vespasian who ruled between AD 69 to AD 79. Other sources indicate that it is in fact the calzada borbónica!
Nevertheless, you can still take this road from Cercedilla towards Puerto de la Fuenfría. A beautiful one-and-a-half-hour climb among pine trees.  You will find many clearings on the way to take a break and enjoy the magnificent views on the valley. Impossible to get lost : just follow the white dots on the trees all the way.
Once you get to the pass, you may turn around or chose the loop (longer) via the carretera de la República, a road that slowly goes down to the point of departure.


Practical information


To get there : take Carretera de Colmenar Viejo (M 607). After the village of Navacerrada, continue towards the Navacerrada Pass, then take M 622 until Cercedilla. Cross the village follow directions to Centro de Formación Banesto.  Continue to  centro de Información where you may want to grab a map.
Departure : After centro de información, continue straight until the last parking lot.


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