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English for Fun’s American Early Childhood Center

English for Fun’s American Early Childhood Center, in addition to being a nurturing environment which promotes the child’s academic, emotional and social development, teaches children to communicate in English.

They want your children to have all the tools to be successful in the future. They prepare them for a global world by teaching them English, promoting independence, critical thinking skills, positive self-esteem, and values such as responsibility, respect for diversity and multicultural enrichment, and a lifelong love of learning.

The program is play-based and child-centered, focusing on the child’s development not only in intellectual and academic areas, but also in developing their sociability, identity, and fine and gross motor skills. To enrich their experience they integrate music, theater, art and physical education into the curriculum.

- 100% immersion in English.
- Ages 1 - 6.
 - Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, where children direct their own discovery and learn through exploration, with the teacher acting as partner and facilitator in the process. 
Learning through fun, a play-based approach activates the senses and creates deeper and more meaningful learning.
Hands on approachthrough investigation, cooking, sensory activities and experiments.
- A beautiful, safe and welcoming environment acts as the third teacher, promoting connection and encouraging a more profound engagement with the materials.

 - They think each child deserves individual attention.
 - Small groupswith 1 teacher for every 4 students in the youngest group, and 1 teacher for every 9 in the oldest.
 - NECPA accredited. The only American accredited preschool in Madrid, following the highest standards. 
 - Native qualified teachers with ample experience.
 - They value family involvement.
 - Passionate and dedicated team.
 - They instill a LOVE OF LEARNING.

Two center is Madrid, in El Viso and Pozuelo.

Sign up to their next Open House event, where they gather a few families to present their project in depth and they can have a conversation and answer any queries you may have regarding the program and their inscription process. Learn more following

Practical information

English for Fun

El Viso
Calle Darro, 5 - Metro Santiago Bernabeu
Tel.: +34 91 441 22 33

Calle Proa S/N – Metro Ligero Pozuelo Oeste
Tel.: 619 450 562


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