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Moving to Madrid
Apps you might want to download to make your life in Madrid easier

Transport apps:
Cabify: Taxi service.
You book your cab in advance or for immediate use, the estimated price appears on screen after you’ve selected the route and you’re directly billed to your credit card or pay-pal account. You may chose your vehicle (normal, luxe, group…).

Hailo: Taxi service.
You book in advance and the amount is charged to your credit card.

Respiro Car Sharing: car rental per hour.
Once you’ve registered, you reserve a vehicle several weeks or just a few minutes in advance. Gas and insurance are included in the price.

Bluemove Car Sharing:
Car rental per hour.
Same as Respiro.

UBER : connecting private drivers with potential clients.
You select your route and know the fare in advance, usually cheaper than a cab. Great app although very controversial in Madrid at the moment.

Eysa Mobile : parking meter payments.
Once you’ve downloaded the app, you pay for your parking on line.

Bici Mad : public electrical bicycle rental system.

Truecalia : reselling train tickets.
Ideal if you travel alone, you may by unused tickets form other travelers and make great savings.