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Las Cárcavas, a one-of-a-kind place 30 miles away from Madrid

They remind of Bardenas Reales or Bryce canyon, although slightly less extended. Las Càrcavas are spectacular geological formations composed of colored and cone-shaped rocks, only 30 miles away from Madrid.
It is possible to climb and admire them from the top (watch your kids as the site is not secured), or walk into the canyon (provided it’s not raining!).
It takes about an hour to take the steep climb to the top, starting on a path lined with beautiful olive trees before reaching the hill (see photo #3, the poorly marked path straight up the hill). If you chose the bottom of the canyon, it’s an easy walk with very ups and downs.


Practical information

To get there, drive on A1 until km.50, then on N320 towards Torrelaguna and finally M102 towards Patones. After Patones, continue to follow the road until the “Pontón de la Oliva” sign where you chose the right-hand road. Leave the dam on your left-hand side and park right after the bridge on the open field to the right.
The walk starts with a paved road. After a few minutes, you will find a sign for “coto privado de la caza” and a red and white mark indicating a path lined with olive trees. Take it and enjoy !


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