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La Peña de Aguilar, a magnificent loop in the Fuenfría valley

A magnificent loop in the Fuenfría valley departing from Cercedilla : a must-see ! The path climbs regularly among pine trees until the Peña de Aguilar peak where you will enjoy a breath-taking 360 degree view on the surrounding mountains and on the village of San Rafael, in the Segovia province.
Impossible to get lost provided you follow the red dots on the trees carefully. If you do not see any dots after a few minutes walk, turn around and try to find them ! The walk starts with an hour of climbing through the forest until a passable path called Calle Alta. Make it left on Calle Alta and continue carefully following the red dots. After a good half-hour walk, make a slight left turn (still following the dots !) and start descending. After a few minutes, you will come across the perfect picnic spot.


Practical information

To get there : drive on Carretera de Colmenar Viejo (M 607). After the village of Navacerrada, continue towards the Navacerrada pass then take M 622 until Cercedilla. Drive through the village and follow the Centro de Formación Banesto.  Continue until the centro de Visitantes and take this opportunity to grab a map.

Departure point : pass by the centro de Visitantes and climb until Hospital de Fuenfría where you can park the car. Follow the sign " Admision ingresos Velatorios" and walk until the red fence on your right-hand side. This is where the walk starts. Find a second fence and then start following the red dots.

And to grab a drink before heading home:
Casa Cirilo
Ctra. de las Deñesas
Tel.: 91 852 02 41
Take your car and drive towards the Centro de Visitantes, just before reaching the centro , turn left and follow the road for a few minutes.


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