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Dr. Eric le Beller, specialized in oral rehabilitation, esthetics and implantology - Dr. Celia Crespo, orthodontist

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Dr. Le Beller is a Graduate from Reims University, France and Postgraduate from Tufts University, Boston, USA, specialized in oral rehabilitation, esthetics and implantology. Great care is given to all patients using the latest techniques such as all ceramic crowns, zirconia, alumina or veneers, in the field of esthetics and computer guided flapless surgery in the field of implantology.
Dra. Celia Crespo is a graduate from the Complutense University in Madrid with a specialty in orthodontics. She provides treatment to  children and adults, including invisilign technique for high esthetic demand.

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Dr. Eric le Beller 
Tel.: 91 300 46 48 - 91 455 73 56
Calle Laurin 38A - Parque Conde de Orgaz - Entrada por la Calle del Moscatelar 3