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National Museum of Archeology : Welcome to a state-of-the-art museum

One has to admit, unless you're a passionate, archeology museums are often dusty, boring and filled with relics of the past you almost instantly forget about once you hit the street. You wouldn’t spend your Sunday there, and certainly not drag your kids to it.
The NAM (National Archeology Museum) was one of those before it was fully renovated. But when it reopened last April, it left its visitors speechless. Nobody had ever seen such a display of modernism at an archeology museum.
The place was entirely refurbished by an architect and is now spacious, full of light with an inviting display of glass cases. Information is made accessible thanks to 18 remarkable short movies allowing a playful learning process to any visitor. Drawings help understand how tools were being used in the past, and all explanation boards are short and precise.
With such a successful display of collections, you just want to go back as soon as you’ve left the place!

Practical information

Museo Arqueologico de Madrid
Calle Serrano, 3 - Metro Serrano, Retiro 

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