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Aveda: change your hairstylist with total confidence

Aveda is really a top brand, with the best products and the best salon at Ortega y Gasset 26. 
I have already been, this time for highlights and a cut : I was very happy with the results, as was my husband and I had a great time. The ambience in the salon is lovely, the music room (neither out of date nor electro, just right!), the Bio tea delicious and the work faultless. 
The colouring section : the products are 97% natural, based on plants and flowers, so they are not irritating, nor toxic : you come out without a headache from inhaling agressive products. The advice is truly professional : they listen to you, they give you advice and the results are what you agreed with the colourist. It is a completely personal and creative service : there is a real difference in how they treat hair. 
And the cut is just as good : there is no risk of finding yourself with an impossible hairstyle or uneven layers. They look at you, they listen to you, they advise you, all with undeniable creativity. 
I told you they are professional ! Indeed you choose the colourist and the hairdresser (they say «estilista» ) depending on their experience: a «director de color» and a «maestro estilista» will cost you a little more than a «tecnico colorista» or an «estilista», but worth it if you have a complicated style or you want a change. 
I had highlights and a cut which cost me 120 euros which I considered good value. So you will find out when you make an appoinment at Aveda.

Practical information

Calle Ortega y Gasset 26 -
 Metro Nuñez de Balboa
Tél : 91 432 22 46