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Pixar: 25 Years of Animation at the CaixaForum

Since the premiere of 'Toy Story' (in 1995), the first feature-length computer animated film, Pixar Animation Studios has launched a long list of critically-acclaimed blockbusters such as 'Up' and 'Cars'. These films have earned Pixar 26 Oscars and seven Golden Globes, among other awards. CaixaForum is currently hosting a wonderfully curated Pixar exhibition which began at the MoMA in New York City. The details to each of these creative works are revealed in the exhibition, which presents the characters, stories and fantasy worlds of their productions through storyboards, 3D sculptures, digital installations and models. Any fan of the movies will enjoy this thoroughfare of Pixar excellence.

Practical information

21st March - 22nd June 2014
Caixa Forum
Paseo del Prado 36 - Metro Atocha