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Garage d'or by Familie Flöz, a show full of poetry


The Berlin company Famille Flöz has been successfully touring around the world for nearly 15 years now. Their shows are a combination of multiple arts, way beyond the simple art of language. Visual tricks, masks, dance, music, clowning, acrobatics, magic and improvisation are all mixed to make it a poetic theatrical experience.
Here, the Flöz family takes its quarters in a little garage, from which four men plan on travelling to a new world. Under pressure from their demanding wives and difficult kids, but lifted by their ingenuousness, they will soon reach a point of no return. An invigorating performance about fathers' helplessness, faith in the impossible and search for freedom. 
For children aged 10 and above.


Practical information


From January 23 to 26, 2014
Teatros del Canal

Calle Cea Bermudéz 1 - Metro Canal


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