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The British Nursery Little Acorn in Alcobendas

The Little Acorns nursery school motto is "mighty oaks from little acorns grow". A new concept of education for a world moving forward. 
Little Acorns is a small, private nursery with an english-native professional team dedicated to providing a safe, secure and welcoming environment for children 12 months to 6 years old. The goal is to help children develop self-esteem and to encourage their inspiration and motivation for the future, through language and technology.

Little Acorns offers the opportunity to follow the system established by the British Curriculum in all areas of learning. It has a highly qualified team of native speakers, with years of experience teaching the British curriculum schools both in England and in Spain. The technological aspect is key, as Little Acorns is a pioneer in Spain in the use of iPads from 12 months old.
The founder and director, Alicia Baker, is British and fully bilingual since childhood, which has made her understand and recognize the value of an education in more than one language. Focusing on language, reading and writing, we ensure that children develop a full command of English.
Little Acorn focuses on:
- Communication through reading, storytelling and theater
- Reasoning, arithmetic and geometry with practical applications
- Creativity, through art, workshops, music, movement and dance
- Different cultures, races and religions, promoting knowledge, respect and understanding of the world around us
- Social development of children through play and fun 
- Technology, providing the latest technology for education, promoting and facilitating the use of Ipads from 12 months
- Health, nutrition and the environment, teaching children to care for themselves and respect nature
- Physical development through exercise and the development of psycho-motor ability

The school is divided into spacious classrooms with good light and ventilation, consistent across all age-levels. Kids are organized in small groups of up to 15 children with two teachers per classroom, to offer personalized attention. It also has a fitness gym to work on motor skills and outside there is a garden with a playground, sandbox and small orchard.
Parents have the ability to Facetime using a screen to see their children working or playing and can even talk to their kids.
Other activities Little Acorns: 
1.) Acorns Little Cafe: where mothers can meet and chat while the children play.
2.) Holiday Programs: During the holidays there are organized activities (Christmas, Easter and during the month of July). These programs are open to children from other schools from 12 months to 10 years.
Activities include intensive courses in English, various sports, dance, theater, museum visits, excursions, nature walks, art workshops, cooking and science classes, among others.
More information on the phone: 91 650 2750 or by email at
3.) Extracurricular Activities: for children in school up to 14 years of age. Various activities are all in English, including art and design, music, theater, modern dance, child book club, cooking and nutrition, yoga, swimming, and tutoring in English. 
*Little Acorns is funded in part by the Empresa Nacional de Innovación , S.A. (ENISA)

Practical information

Tel: 91.650.27.50
Campus Empresarial Miniparc 1
Calle Azalea, 1, La Moraleja (Alcobendas)

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