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Teatro Circo Price – Contemporary Circus

Wunderkammer : The Price Theater is presenting this Australian circus company that has won over audiences and critics for their pure, physical poetry. The company has performed since 2006 across 24 countries. These acrobatic circus artists flaunt boundless audacity with direction by Yaron Lifschitz, head of the company's other shows, such as “S” and “How Like an Angel”. His latest production is a sequence of acrobatic feats that combine strength and beauty. The title, Wunderkammer, is a German name given during the Renaissance period to the rooms where people collected unclassifiable specimens discovered in different expeditions. Hence, this show displays a collection of phenomena not limited to just circus feats, but also mixes cabaret and vaudeville.  The resulting mix is exhilarating for the audience that will be captivated by the strength of the movement, embellished by the use of light and music.

Practical information

Teatro Circo Price
Dates: 11th of April – 5th of May Tel.: 915 28 81 22
Ronda de Atocha, 35 - Embajadores
Price: 15€ to 20€

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