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Festimad 2M – Biodiversidad Musical

This festival has been running since 1995 and celebrates the emerging talents of rock, pop, and electronic music. The festival holds various events so you can enjoy new sensations, new sounds, and new artists, many of which are free to the public. The festival also includes a section for kids and teenagers younger than 18 years old, called Festimad Si Menor. This year’s festival has more than 50 concerts with 59 local bands of Madrid. Concerts will be held in 25 scenic areas, including: La Esfera at the Alcobendas Municipal Center, where on May 4th they will celebrate 'Festi Madtaste - Factory Young Community of Madrid’ the annual musical competition for young talent. Entry is free with invitation given for a voluntary donation of a Kilo of food for the municipal food program "We Fill Pantry (Llenamos Despensa )".

Practical information

Various Locations 
Dates: 19th of April – 4th of May 
Price :
Free to 20€

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